Sunday, November 11, 2012


fucking anger thats all I have is anger within me and now it all coming out I dont know what to do I guess their nothing to do about it no one to out it nothing all i can do is hold it in and slowly listen to the voices that will one day have me end my life

Friday, August 17, 2012

i dont know what do do an7ymore

I am Paranoid I have mild schizophrenia my biggest fear is being watched I always feel like soome on ei s watching me im always looking intio  to the mirrir  and tlaking to my self i dont know hwhta to do anymore i think im going carzy 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Taylor Thomas 12-16-94 to 4-24-12

why did yhu have to go my best friend my brother i love yhu i cant help but think of yhu why did that car have to hit yhu I love yhu Taylor and never forget tht even from up above i love and i always will i Dont care what every one else says i love yhu Taylor Thomas 12-16-95 to 4-24-12 I will never forget yhu!!!!

Friday, April 20, 2012

raised to be nice

why the fuck do i always forgive ppl who screw up why? bc i was raised to be nice so i go and forgive him for screwing up!! ughh im so fucking stupid because i kno hes gunna end up doing it again!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

the one with the gun

can`t believe what i was seein i can`t believe what i  was feelin the one i love the one i want to hug the one with the gun..... he said he could take away the pain and erase his name when i saw that  message i drop mi fone and ran away in tears no one should see me cry if i cry for you should feel pretty damn good because i only cry for the people i love and i guess your the one.....because broken hearts hurt more then broken bones
i like yhu yhu like mii but there sumthing in between a space of some sort we arnt together and i want to be but since i wont tlk face to face with yhu i guess that cant be

Friday, February 17, 2012

perfect in evry way

I like him and only him I dont care what any1 else says i like him for him for him hes not like other guys he funnie not afried to be himself hes colorful (even tho hes color blind) hes sweet and a child at <3 hes always sweet to mii never rude hes the perfect guy to mii hes always telling mii jpkes and always telling mii how funnie i am im always want to ask hoim out but hes going out with a girl named ashley i bets she luckie to have him yea she is i wish i could have him to hold hes jus to perfect to forget about idc wat any1 else says hes perfect in every way to mii :)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

evry time i think of yhu

i tlk to yhu everyday but idk what to say i wanna hang wit yhu but im jus to scared to i wanna give yhu hug but all i kno is tht evry thing is so much easier in txt the in real life i am as shy as can be im as quite as a church mouse im a sweet lil angle wen ur around yhu seen mii i could help but smile its hard not to smile when i think of yhu i think this feeling inside mii is called love i have never felt it before i i have delt with is before well once i did and tht was one time but i think mi mind was lost tht time but this time its real but my head is reeling idk what to do should i jus go on and let yhu live ur life ill let yhu do tht even tho i love yhu lots ur wit sum 1 its okay i dnt  mind jus carry on ill ber nice i swear ill let her have yhu shes probably the happiest person in the world

Monday, February 13, 2012


When im gone mi sister is left to fen for her self
i kno it hard for her she cnt fend for her self im
always fighting her fights always keeping her from 
harm but what am i to do when i cnt protect her anymore
do i jus let her go on and get hurt no im not like tht I 
will stand rite next i will destroy anything tht 
would try to harm her what do people say in front of 
her when im not around do they hurt her feelings
do they hurt her in ways i cnt spell do they make
fun of mii do they try to make her do things she knows 
thts rong bc i taught her better not to give in to
preesur bc she knows what to do if someone 
is mean do i need to fight to show her what not to do do i need to fight her own
fights or shuld i  jus let her grow up on her own
shes mi bright and joy im so prod of her
she may think im  mean the only reason im so mean is to make her tougher she didnt
 grow up like mii im glad she didnt i love her shes mi lil girl 
yea im k-keeping its i turn around fund a ghun on the ground i pick it cock
it i put it mi brains and screm die Katie and pop it then i come
back to the real world i see the light  of mi life he little sweet soul she has many year to
go before shes like mii i dnt want her to grow up like mii mi life is fuckked up enough as it is 
the last thing i need it mi sisther growing up as mii
thts the number one thing i dnt want 
 i dnt want her to be like mii i want her to go on and kno tht i  love her
 i dnt want her to go on a live in fear bc when im gon i want hewr to carry on i dnt want her to end up like mii.....i want her life to be perfect as can be....

i dnt care what yhu think

yhu can call mii anything yhu like yhu can try to hurt my feelings it wont work it wont stop mii from being mi self
i dnt care call mii a slut  bc i kno im not one im not a bulling im a person with feelings yes they can hurt but only if i cared enough to listen to yhu bc im always in mi own world where yhu arnt even thought of if i dnt tlk to yhu i dnt like yhu if i cover mi face then i like yhu yes i have feelings i can feel love and pain but i dnt care so call ii whatever yhu want to call mii i dnt care yhu can hate mii jus dnt act like yhu like mii i like ppl for who they are not what they arnt i cnt stand fakers so if ur a faker its jus like being a hater in mi book i dnt care if yhu hate mii go rite ahead and hate mii see how much i care bc i wont care.