Monday, February 13, 2012

i dnt care what yhu think

yhu can call mii anything yhu like yhu can try to hurt my feelings it wont work it wont stop mii from being mi self
i dnt care call mii a slut  bc i kno im not one im not a bulling im a person with feelings yes they can hurt but only if i cared enough to listen to yhu bc im always in mi own world where yhu arnt even thought of if i dnt tlk to yhu i dnt like yhu if i cover mi face then i like yhu yes i have feelings i can feel love and pain but i dnt care so call ii whatever yhu want to call mii i dnt care yhu can hate mii jus dnt act like yhu like mii i like ppl for who they are not what they arnt i cnt stand fakers so if ur a faker its jus like being a hater in mi book i dnt care if yhu hate mii go rite ahead and hate mii see how much i care bc i wont care.

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