Thursday, February 16, 2012

evry time i think of yhu

i tlk to yhu everyday but idk what to say i wanna hang wit yhu but im jus to scared to i wanna give yhu hug but all i kno is tht evry thing is so much easier in txt the in real life i am as shy as can be im as quite as a church mouse im a sweet lil angle wen ur around yhu seen mii i could help but smile its hard not to smile when i think of yhu i think this feeling inside mii is called love i have never felt it before i i have delt with is before well once i did and tht was one time but i think mi mind was lost tht time but this time its real but my head is reeling idk what to do should i jus go on and let yhu live ur life ill let yhu do tht even tho i love yhu lots ur wit sum 1 its okay i dnt  mind jus carry on ill ber nice i swear ill let her have yhu shes probably the happiest person in the world

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